Venue:     My studio situated in Sanctuary Point, Jervis Bay NSW.  Full address given on registration.

Date:        Friday 5th April, 2019 (Day 1)

Thursday 18th April, 2019 (Day 2)

Time:       9am – 4pm both days


Day 1 – $175

Day 2 – $175

Both days – early bird

Book and Pay before March 29th $290

Both days – after March 29th $320

What’s included….  All materials, comprehensive handout, light refreshments, tea and coffee, a lovely garden to relax in during your breaks.

What to Bring… You!!  Oh and something to eat for lunch.


Exploring Colour Workshop

Join me in my studio for two full days of exploring colour.  Topics include colour theory, mixing/matching colour, understanding colour as value, getting organised with colour, colour and emotions, making a stronger story through the use of colour, what’s in the tube and more!

Day 1 introduces basic colour theory as well as how to ‘see’ colour so you can ‘mix’ colour.  This class is full of useful information (especially when you’re not confident or just starting out) and hands on exercises designed so you will leave the workshop with a good foundation to start working from.

Day 2 strengthens what we learnt in Day 1 and start to put it into practise.  Now we look at how, when, why of making colour choices that will work within our paintings and create stronger paintings.  By the end of the day you will have worked through a number of exercises and produced at least one small work (two if time permits).

Seeing colour as tone is one of the most important aspects and is touched on in Day 1 and emphasised in Day 2.

Although I’ve used the words ‘colour theory’… I would like you to think of it more as your ‘colour practise’.  I know for some people the idea of learning ‘theory’ fills them with dread, whilst others fear that if they learn too much theory it might stifle their creativity!  It is my heartfelt intention to take the confusion and mystery out of colour for you.  It’s really not that scary and with a little understanding a whole new world of possibilities will open up.

This workshop is very hands on and though you will complete a number of exercises and small paintings over the two days, I would like to point out that the emphasis is purely on colour… not your drawing or painting skills!  So relax and come and have a whole new world opened up to you… as well as a bit of fun playing in paint! 🙂

Location… both workshops will be held in my studio in Jervis Bay, NSW.  We also have a beautiful garden to enjoy during the breaks.  The studio is insulated and airconditioned for your comfort should the weather not be kind…so no need to worry about heat or cold!  Jervis Bay is approximately 2.5hrs south of Sydney and is absolutely stunning!  There is an abundance of accommodation available locally to suit most budgets so perfect to tack a weekend getaway on the end of your workshop (and maybe test out your new skills in our beautiful landscape!).


To register, follow the link to the secure online booking site or via direct deposit to BSB 062 762  Account Number 10068115 (ref: ECW your name).

If you have any question at all regarding workshops or art for sale, please don’t hesitate to email me at  I’m only too happy to help 😀