Hello!  And welcome to my new, hot off the press… website!

Well… it’s not really quite finished yet but having succumbed to my impatience to get started I’ve decided ‘today is the day!’

So… yes… there will be some tweaking over the coming weeks and months, more work will be added and of course… more blogging!!  I confess to being a bit of a newbie to all things techie to do with running a website or blogging (it’s been quite a learning curve already!)  but hey… I’m excited and ready to give it a go!!

Actually, the launching of my website and blog marks the beginning of a whole new chapter in my art career/life.

I’ve been obsessed with drawing and expressing myself creatively ever since I can remember (I know, I know… every artists says that.. but it’s true… we’re truly  just born that way!) and while I’ve been lucky enough to have sold quite a lot of work over the years, my artistic practice has endured a rather bumpy ride.

At various times in my life art has either completely taken over (and all has been right in the world) or has been limping sadly behind in the background while other responsibilities or life events have taken over (cue the violins and lots of tissues…).

Thing is though, throughout the entire journey of life thus far… all I have been able to think of is eventually building a solid and sustainable art career/life… not just for me, but for those around me whose health and sanity may depend on it!

And so… here I am… with this wonderful tool called the internet, the world at my fingertips and I’m ready to step off the edge and plunge into the next big ARTY adventure.

Who knows where it will take me but I’m ready and eager to go…  But as with all journey’s… it’s often more exciting when you can share the experience with friends and like-minded people.

So if you feel so inclined to tag along with me it would be lovely to have you sign up for my newsletter or  follow this blog.

So… I guess that’s it… I’ve actually written my first blog!  Wow… who would have thought!

I think this might even be fun!  So till next time…. ciao…. Jen